Air Force Disability Eval System Roadmap


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I was recently referred for a full MEB. I’m at 17 years TIS, prior enlisted, Capt (13L/TACP Officer). My intention is to fight this every step of the way in an effort to stay in and finish my career. As I was browsing the forums here, and a multitude of other resources, I came across the attached roadmap ppt from AFPC outlining the DES. Most of the information is contained in varying locations on this site. However, for someone just doing their initial homework to get smart on the convoluted process that is DES I found this to be very useful for breaking down each step and what actions you can take at each. Use as you see fit.



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Some of the info contained is OBE. I went through the DES process and got a RTD in about 60 days, 10 years ago. The IDES process involves the VA determining diagnosis and percentage.
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