Air National Guard being sent to Med board


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Hi folks, I will be needing your wisdom:

I hurt my back on drill last year and it has been a whole year that I have been going to physical therapy for my back pain, hip pain and I have my right leg going numb if I am sitting or driving longer than 20 min.
I haven’t been to drill ever since and my commander just forwarded my paperwork to the Med Board. I went to see a second pain specialist and he is recommending to take cortisol shots which I am affraid of taking them or he is suggesting surgery which I am definitely not taking either of those options. I would rather be in pain than to have a civilian doc that sees my Tricare insurance and just wants to charge it. I am being sent to an occupational therapist for another evaluation and I am sending my paperwork to my chain of command.
Anyone that has been through this, my ANG base is 170 miles away from where I live and I am not capable of driving there.
Any help or direction would help out!
Thanks in advance
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