Ambien influeced Clear consie quietions....or not


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Lords, Ladies & fellow veterans. First I hope the too y of the title is not lost, bravery to post here was found in a late night ambien pill. Life is funny like that, so while I am on my writers roll I intend to present clear concise question that I have not seen the like of this far though imagine when answered will be universally answered. Off we go
1) once exams are complete and you are awaiting on ratings, what if you have medically relevant updates? Example, I have chronic pain syndrome and have since been diagnosed with Fifromalgia. Another, I have GERD but have just been notified of Barrett sysdtome and a esphogela m9tility disorder. QUESTION....while still waiting VA RATINGS should I:
A) notify my MSC and present the evidence to be uploaded
B) notify my PEBLO who I image will do ought nought atall
C) wait for VA Rating and then provide substantial and medically relevant evidence to my legal coucel to engage the FBEB or VARR/ both?

As m9st of have expired, the time between the C&P exams and DoD/Vs resolution can be lengthy, as such we have new and substantiating edifice to the initial claims....or have new diagnoses in the intervening priors, as I was just diagnosed with Fibromalgia but as of yet there is no claim. Who to contact and how to handle for situations of the like?

Vaguely I recall possi g the question to my PEBLO and she stated o would contact the MSC to initiate new claims, though only after the MEB process is resolved. Am I to understand that I would then for my remain g claims present them using the BDD process in order to assure thier completeness prior to retirement...or have I been mislead.

I refer to the sometimes wild, but always educated and expirienced brothers and sisters @ arms on this noble forum.

Thank you kindly for your time and any expertise wisdom you may have to share.

Life's short so I also.welcome witty discourse or salty rants, Lord know s my wife got an ear full of both this evening
GOD Bless
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