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Hello all,

Like many I'm sure, an effort to find as much info as I can the Google brick road has led me here.

15+yrs service ( Army AD & Army NG)
referred to the IDES/MEB process for UC.

I was granted a CENTCOM waiver and deployed in Feb2020, just 50 days before re-deployment I had a minor flare and went to see the medical folks about options. My intent was to get a short stint of prednisone as it helped when I was diagnosed in 2018. The NPC shared that even though they did have it available, due to COVID she didn't want to prescribe it as it's an immunosuppressant. Instead she started the process and I was returned home.

Since then, I have been referred to IDES/MEB. I am early in the process and will be having the C&P exam in about a month. On advice of counsel I have completed my own statement to the board and have had 2 GI Dr.'s & Primary Care complete letters on my behalf as well as DA Form 7809's addressing myedication, my ability to function and continue service without issue. I have also seen the DA 7652 that my commander completed that also is in my favor.

I've read AR 40-501 Ch 3-1 & 3-16.
and I don't meet the points made that are mentioned ( The 1 medication I take is not an immunosuppressant, I don't require frequent treatment, never hospitalized, no dietary restrictions...).

Is there anyone out there with similar experience and/or that can shed light on the process? What are my chances of RTD?

My fingernails and sleep schedule appreciate any help you can give.


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Hope someone with USA and UC experience chimes in soon. It sounds like your research has answered your questions, but your sleep and fingernails don't believe you. Hope you get an answer soon.