Any Medical Officers/Attorneys want to give me your thoughts on my NMA? (fit/unfit)


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Just as the title reads...

With being in the LDES situation for way to long, I am getting a bit concerned. After 10 years of service, that has been wonderful up until the last few years, I lost the ability to control my mental health symptoms. So after trying to fight the symptoms and the Navy for so long... I gave in and was MEDBOARDED, and at this time in my life and career, I'd like to be found UNFIT so I can move on with life and seek some professional help, that I can seek out more often. Anyway, I am concerned they will find me FIT because I have heard the Navy loves to find Sailors fit despite all odds. I hope to hear back from someone who can spare a moment of time to review my NMA. Thank you in advance.


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The Navy does tend to lean toward fit. I think the MH examination is key. The lower the occupational and social functioning, the more likelihood of being found unfit.
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