Any positive experiences with C&P exams? In general or specifically with back claims


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I had my exam for anxiety/insomnia earlier this week. It went very well, I believe. The examiner was super nice and helped me answer the questions I didn’t quite know the right answer to, if that makes sense. Tomorrow is the big one, however. It’s my head to toe exams. My disabiling condition is upper/lower back t11-t12 hernation/bone spur and DDD (upper). My lower back is multiple discs with another herniation and multiple bulges. All this accompanied by bilateral radiculopathy. That, however, is not included (yet anyway..not sure how they add that in) in my disabling condition. Thoughts and positive experiences will be greatly appreciated.


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Its all rated on range of motion, so stop moving when the pain increases if you have constant pain. DO NOT force yourself to go as far as you absolutely can.
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