Anyone who is 100 P&T who had to be reevaluated?


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I know it has been posted that the VA Medical and VA Pension side are two different things but, I just want to make sure. It's mostly mental health issues that I struggle with. And if I'm being honest, I would be okay with being taken off p&t if I make progress but, my biggest fear is that any hint of progress they see, they might consider lowering my rating. I'm already in a pretty expensive area of the country so it's not like this pension takes me very far and I hope one day to be at least good enough to take classes and get some type of education.

It's just that I tend to see people post here and there saying that they have been called to get reevaluated so I wonder if they're confused and are actually TIDU instead. If anyone has some stories, I'd like to hear em thanks.


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The real focus in on getting well. Being the best you. P&T is not scheduled for re-evaluation.
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