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Does anyone know how to appeal an application closure? I applied for the Environmental Health Officer category and my application was closed because the review concluded that my degree did not meet entrance requirements. I am pretty sure it is a misunderstanding. An MPH in environmental health accredited by CEPH is a qualifying degree. My degree is a CEPH accredited MPH from Tulane's Center for Applied Environmental Public Health. But from within the Center for Applied Environmental Public Health I chose a focus of disaster management, so my degree is called an MPH in disaster management. There was a heavy focus on environmental health within that focus (radiation, toxicology, risk assessment, survey of environmental health, industrial hygiene, etc.). I can get a letter from the dean of the school to clarify the degree but I don't know who to send it to and cannot find any information on the appeals process. Thanks for any suggestions you all can provide!


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You would have to contact HR with the company or government organization, its unfortunate but if any organization has a surplus of applicants they will start looking for specialized degrees. Like "must have MBA with specialization in the hotel industry ONLY, retail ONLY, hospitality ONLY" so even MBA applicants cant even apply which is silly but a means to weed out applicants. A lot of these companies and government organizations use software that automatically closes or eliminate applicants based on keywords and language in the application itself.
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