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Hoping to create a discussion as to steps that need to be completed prior to EASing. I was unfit on MEB and awarded TDRL. Since then my command has more or less forgotten about me and due to COVID i have felt alone during this transition about what I need to do. My questions that I need assistance with are what needs to be done IOT start receiving DOD retirement and VA disability payments after my EAS.

I have received my final DOD findings and VA ratings but not sure how to "start" those payments once i get out. I cannot imagine that it just starts automatically. That would make to much sense.
Lastly, how do I transfer my tricare from acitve duty to the post EAS retired tricare coverage for my family.

Any guidance or assistance is greatly appreciated yall! Thanks

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DFAS is automatic, no action required other than keeping your bank & address updated.

VA: Upload your DD-214 to or ebenefits as COVID-19 as hampered Federal Record processing. VA needs the DD-214 to verify service and ensure the correct effective dates, award your final ratings.

TRICARE: Get a retiree ID on base and make enrollment pay premiums I believe 3 months due approx $150.

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