Are there any repercussions for withdrawing a MEB?


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Hello ladies and gentleman of the PEBforum. I am currently stuck between the choices I want to do with my MEB. To start, I was placed on a MEB for an ACL graph failure. I have been notified by my board appointed lawyer, Case Manager, Command LIMDU coordinator, and my PEBLO, that my case will give me a "fit" finding due to my NMA stating I can continue my job. My MOS in the Marine Corps is an admin type of job and most MEB's come out with a "fit" finding. I am already past my original End of Enlistment by 4 months and I really don't want to be here any longer since I'd like my unborn child to be born with family. With all these concerns I have, I would like to withdraw my MEB. Are there any repercussions for withdrawing my MEB? Even after all the c&p exams I've done? Thank you for time in helping out.
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