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Hello Guys,

So what happen is i'm enlisted back in may 2013 and got discharge in july 2013 without any discharge paper since i was there 66 days, before that discharge i suppose to get sent home due to stress fracture and just drill with my local unit for 6 month and recycle back to basic training, i was there for a good 2 month, did some off duty work for my sergeant 1st class like admin work. I got 9 unexcuse absent due to me being stress with family and my medical condition. But some how i got promoted to private 1st class and discharge under Honorable condition.

So i been waiting for i think more then 6 month since i last sent in my discharge upgrade. I didn't choose to be appear before board, and didn't submit much medical record and anything else. How likely am i getting a discharge upgrade?

I did sign something in the end from my commander, and also i receive a letter about Line of Duty.
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I'm not quite tracking your story. Based upon your narrative, you would have been given an entry level discharge. It is entirely possible that the reserve unit may have kept you on the books for some time, then discharged you for unsatisfactory performance.

Did you ever file with the VA for compensation and pension from your fractures?
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