Army reserve PEB process for PTSD and the DA 7574-1: INCAPACITATION / FITNESS FOR DUTY


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First, please advise if there is a better forum to post this in, I know there are a ton of different ones here.

I am 30% for PTSD, although that is currently being reevaluated for an increase and I expect to be 50%, or 70%. My symptoms include suicidal ideation (active, and passive) and daily panic attacks.

My reserve commander is requiring me to drive from my home in DC to my old unit in MI and not allowing me to RST. I have repeatedly requested to RST, but he stated no. I am attempting to transfer to a unit closer to DC too, but it is difficult if to accomplish this if my commander is not allowing any RSTs. Due to my persistent requests to RST and in explaining my position he has advised me that I can either continue traveling to MI, or choose not to show up and be discharged with a non-honorable discharge. The commander requested that if my condition was so bad that my psychiatrist contact him. My VA psychiatrist did send him a memo, but it was ignored. He is ordering me to continue commuting. The last several months have been really difficult on me mentally and with my job and family life. I’m looking into the quickest way out of the Army and think a board is appropriate. I am currently out in May 2020 regardless.

What are the best courses of action? I am thinking of having my VA Psychiatrist fill out the DA 7574-1 to request that I not attend drill because this is a major stressor. Does that form allow me to not drill as it seems like it does? If so, I’m confident my medical team at the VA would fill it out.

If I don’t go through a formal board am I leaving money on the table?


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Your command has to have a reason for denying your RST. Plus, you have to come at least four times a year. Even if you get your VA DOC to fill out the form it has to be approved by a military doctor. Which means they would have to put you on orders. Doesn't sound like they would be willing to do that. I would reach out to your chaplain. That is your best bet in my opinion. If that does not work IG! But I would definitely get your Chaplain involved to advocate on your behalf.


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I like the idea above. Often there is a disconnect and he/she may have the influence to resolve the disconnect. I will say that a 30% MH rating rarely results in a unfit decision. Most folks in command would expect a person with 30% to participate in all unit activities.
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