Army stationed on Camp Pendleton Timeline 2019


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I'm an AD soldier stationed on MC Camp Pendleton. If anyone is ever in my situation I can give you a brief synopsis of how your MEB will go. My PEBLO is out of Ft. Irwin I traveled up there for a mandatory in person briefing. I met all the faces I will be involved with throughout this process. My SFL TAP was done via phone conference (1st portion) I will complete the final part here on CP. My VA exams were outsourced by a 3rd party VA doctor through QTC local here to Oceanside, CA and I'm very happy with them and how they went so far. I sign all my documents via fax, scan, email and communicate with my PEBLO in the same manner. So far my case is moving very fast and here's to hoping I wont have to appeal anything. I'm happy to answer any questions :)


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Thank you for being willing to share with others. Hope your process continues to go smoothly.
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