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Asthma related to mold exposure?


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4 years ago i was deployed to Turkey where I, and many others got sick with Bronchitis and was given an inhaler and some cough medicine. Well i just got some of my medical records from that deployement, because i am most likely getting an MEB for Asthma along with some other things. And looking through the record there is a AF IMT 190 that states that we were is exposed to mold and airborn bacteria and mold in offices where we worked while and that our sickness was caused by that.
I failed my first PT test in March of 2018 and then while using the inhaler i got from the deployement 2 months later my run time was nearly 2 minutes faster. This was my first clue that i may have Asthma. I am air guard, i didnt want to push the asthma diagnosis and risk being seperated. Later that year i tore my rotator cuff on drill status, had the surgury. Then after some heart stuff was sent to a pulmo late 2019 for shortness of breath and was diagnosed with Asthma.
Do you think the Asthma could be related to the mold exposure?


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Absolutely you could get your own nexus but since you have a copy of your records I would just file a claim the VA will send you to an exam and ask the examiner if it's related to service or not. The fact that it's annotated in your records is a big plus make sure you give it to the examiner.