"Awarded" TRDL but i'm rebuting


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Hi all,
I just recieved the findings today from my IPEB for "syncope, etiology unknown", and they gave my 30 percent and put me on TDRL. However, I have been more afflicted by an ankle injury from October 2008 (Ruptured ligaments, reconstructive surgery, infection #1, surgery to remove/flush out infection #1, infection #2, physical therapy that didn't help any and was quickly ended by the therapist for lack of hope, and now they are telling me that there is severe scar tissue build up and bone fragments in my foot that have started causing more damage).

I am going to rebut and try and add my ankle onto the boards attention and get it put on my paperwork. I don't care or mind about being on TRDL or my rating. I am satisfied. I just want all my issues addressed.

Anyone know how long it will take, start to finish from the point I am at now? I have attempted to contact the AF Disability Attorney via email today and will call Monday if I have no reply.

Thanks for your help. I joined the forum today but haven surfing it for months!
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