Back: Did you get separate rating for Herniated Disk and Osteoarthritis?


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I am trying to find anyone who received a separate rating for a herniated disk at one location (say L5-A1) and a separate rating for osteoarthritis or arthritis at another disk location (say L3-4).

Today I came across a PDBR review that had these separate ratings.

I was astounded because I didn't know that you could get rated for one disk location's herniation and then arthritis at another disks location.

I was given just one overall 'lumbago' rating of 10%, when I had hernatiion in one disk and arthritis in another.

If you received a VA rating like this please post here. I need help! Thank you very much!


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Seperate conditions? Yes. Independently rated for a percentage? Doubtful. Thoracic and lumbar are grouped together and rated by ROM, and that can include a number of different conditions. I have both thoracic and lumbar disc buldges, DDD, and atleast from what the C&Pbreport says...arthritis. Thorolumbar is one rating, given based on my ROM measurements.

Your rating is not out of the ordinary. Now if you had something in the cervical spine, yes, that can be rated independently of the mid-lower back.

Nerve conditions such as radiculopathy can also be rated independently if you have nerve impingement affecting arms/legs.
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