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Bad Care/Good Care


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US ARMY clinics/hospitals - BAD CARE
VA Outpatient Clinic/Medical Center - GOOD CARE

I must apologize to a lot on here since I have not been on in awhile. I actually missed it but plan to be on for some encouragement and help out again. To those who do not know me I was medically separated from the US Army in August of this year with a 10% Severance Pay. Unfortunately, I did not get to serve out my full term or even go to combat - the reason I joined the Army in the first place (my wife wanted to kill me). I injured myself pretty good in Basic and continued thru Basic and AIT anyway *dealing with horrible pain*. Well things continued to get worse even at Fort Hood where I was MEBd. The doctors who read my MRI said nothing was wrong with my back and that all the pain I had was in my head. One doc said he thought it was time for me to leave. So in comes the raping of a 10% rating. I would have fought but not only was I on some heavy meds but I had a PEBLO that told me there was nothing I could fight with my MEB (as far as having conditions listed, fighting the rating, etc. - the full run around). So, with her knowing I was on some heavy meds and not all there she still had me sign my PEB off. Out I went, into the civilian world again - but with multiple ailments and day to day "TORTURE". Thank you Army.

So, I enter the VA system within a week of me getting back home to Northeast PA, to refill my meds. My PCM does a full work up and orders all new X-rays, MRIs, EMG, the whole "shabang". Made me happy to see someone WANTING to help. After a month and a half all my workups are done and my PCM finds out that my entire Lumbar spine is full of bulges, spinal stenosis, hairline fractures at my facet joints, a complete and utter opposite of what I was told for almost two years while in the Army. As crazy as it sounds, I was HAPPY. My new PCM had discovered what the Army had not told me! A relief! Then, I finally get to talk to a Psychologist about some issues I was dealing with because of the Army and pain, etc. Things are looking up for once!

So, I get talking to a friend of the family's about all this and he gives me a number to a rep at the DAV office in Wilkes-Barre, PA. The next day I receive a package from the VA for some new Pilot Program only available at four regional offices in the US. The Pilot is an Expedited Claim Program. I take that paperwork to the DAV and she tells me not to partake in this and she has me sign some paperwork where she will handle all of my VA Claim process paperwork and tells me she will get me between 80-100% with the list of ailments claimed. My maintenance SGT had typed a letter before I left that stated how many days I was sent home due to my injuries - in which she said that letter will cover my back injury for at least 60%. She has been working with claims for over 25 years and also with helping vets go back and fight the Army for Med Retirement and other issues.

All in all, things are looking up and I will keep everyone posted as I continue thru the VA Claim Process. I wish everyone luck and want to remind people to gain as much knowledge as you can throughout this process, whether its VA or DoD. Knowledge is power, especially in this process. Everyone needs to also pass this site, along with its info, along and around their posts, camps, forts, etc. No matter what! There is just way too much of military personnel and vets being screwed.

God Bless!



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I had Tricare prime remote at the same time that I was using VA (Special circumstances, long story) So I was seeing the VA but also a Civilian Doctor specialists for my problems. I had my surgery with Civilians on Prime remote. The VA wanted to medicate for life my problem My local hospital fixed it permanently with surgery.

The VA is great. It is not good when you have specialist needs IMO

In my case I got discharged from a VA hospital and stopped breathing within 3 days (CPR bad stuff)... But they took me to the local specialist who did surgery and just fixed me. (VA hospitals wont take patients on CPR is what I was told. (I was glad in the end)

I think they lean towards drug treatments rather then surgery to correct your problems

Just my opinion.


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good stuff Nick :) i've had the same experience w/better care @ the VA. i just wish i would have done it from the beginning and maybe i could have avoided a few unnessasary back surgeries through the miitary. hope all is well. keep me posted.


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I'm going for my first VA appointment tomorrow, getting blood work done, etc.

I had pretty good results with my injury in the Army. I more or less had a pelvis fracture in an Airborne operation so far away from Womack at Bragg that I ended up getting surgery done at UNC. I donn't know if it was because I was under SF command but my PCM while in the Army went out of his way to try to get me back to 'normal'. I even was fortunate enough once I PCSd to Carson to do a type of 'rehab' off post due to a contract my new unit had.

Now I'm back in WA state and hoping the VA care I get is half as good as what I received in the Army. I wasn't too impressed with American Lake to initially sign up but I could have been in a bad mood that day, who knows. I am VA rated at 60% but was Army rated at 20%....good times. However, I'm not complaining, I have a good buddy I went through jump school with that got 0% and finished his contract even though he has had to have surgery and has had MRSA reoccur three times while in the Army which he first got at Benning in jump school.

Vets are getting screwed over and the example I stated is nothing compared to brothers that get all sorts of damage while in combat that get crap. I am almost thinking if somebody is legitimately injured with something that is going to hamper them for the rest of their lives that they're better off going through the MEB/DES pilot program instead of 'toughing it out' and finishing out their contract.

Sorry for getting a little off topic but sometimes I have 'ADD' and get side tracked.
*fingers crossed on VA visit tomorrow*


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When were you separated fron the Army? If before January 1st 2010, have you applied to the PDBR?