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This is my first posting so thank you for taking a look. BACKGROUND I am coming up on my fifth year in the Navy as an Aviation Ordnanceman. For the past year I have gone from LLD to LIMDU to DES/PEB. While being LIMDU I have failed the BCA (X2) prior to this I have never failed any part of the PRT, and now my frocking is being held until I can pass. My package is stopped and Im assuming waiting for me to go and sign off on it so it can be sent to Washington. I also had them hold it so I could have another command assement done that changed my answers to; not desiring retention, from the previous wanting to stay in and active duty. I did this after going through DTAPS class and the JAG officer told us that the PEB Med Officers were looking harder at whether the SM wanted to stay in, than the DR's recommendations. But once the FIT cam back the SM's are being ADMIN SEP.

I am looking for answers to the following questions:

Will I lose my GI BILL due to BCA Failures?

Anyone have any suggestions or good insight as far as this process?

The BCA waiviers are no longer around, but I have documented evidence that I have been and am still am being prescribed medications that have wieght gaining effects.


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If you fail a third PRT prior to your PEB being accepted, they will seperate you under an admin seperation. This may/may not be what they should do, but it is what they will do given the current guidance from PERS-403.

The specifics for a BCA waiver are pretty tight, not impossible but close. Your doctor would be the only person who could answer that and get a medical BCA waiver.

Will I lose my GI BILL due to BCA Failures? No
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