Been given the run-around, pleasetc help


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It's a long story, but I
was placed on TDRL a few years ago. I was contacted for my first evaluation a year into my temporary retirement, but I missed my appointment. Because of this, my financial account was placed on hold, and I understandably stopped receiving monthly payments from DFAS.

Over a year ago though, I received another evaluation appointment of which I was able to go to. After going through the eval, the decision was made that I was to be separated with severance. I was told that it would take a few months for DFAS to process me out and send me my severance pay. This was 12 months ago.

I have since contacted DFAS repeatedly, only to be told that the USAF had to unfreeze my status in order for them to process my payment. After contacting the tdrl office many, many times, I was told that my account would be fixed and DFAS would be able to process my payment. After contact DFAS repeatedly over months and months, they still claim that my payment cannot be processed because your office has placed a hold on my account.

I contacted the tdrl office again, and was basically told that they did their part and it's all on DFAS now. I call DFAS and am told the opposite.

Has anybody delt with anything similar, or can anybody give me some advice on what I should do next? I'm wondering if I should possibly look into getting legal help.

Also, I got a new phone and lost my contact info for the TDRL office that was helping me. Would anybody happen to have theit phone number?
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