Benefit of Independent Medical Review?

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Hello all,

I am writing this to try to gather some information on the front end of my husband's MEB process. He has not been through his C&P medical appointments yet, but he has been encouraged by his higher ups to be ready for the Independent Medical Review due to his multiple issues. Is this even something we should be preparing for, when there is no telling when his C&P will happen or what it will determine?

Some background: In his 9th year with the Army (4 active duty, rest reserve). He was initially referred for a MEB about three years ago, but it required some patience to square away the line of duty for the initial referring cause. Between the initial referral and now he was diagnosed as insulin dependent diabetic, and combat related PTSD. This stopped the process again to make sure he was "healthy" enough for the process. He has other various medical issues, and he is being encouraged to seek a physical for Gulf War Syndrome by his primary care doctor (finding a doctor to dx GWS is just about impossible.) All in all he is averaging over 1 doctor's appointment a week covering everything, and he is really sick of seeing doctors.

The idea of voluntarily requesting additional appointments after being this sick for this long ticks him off and depresses him.

Ultimately my question is, what are the benefits and reasons why he should leave this option open? I need some words of wisdom to share or direct him to.


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The IMR is a means for correcting items that will be included in your husband's NARSUM/C&P exam. It is there for his benefit. If the NARSUM is miraculously perfect, then it won't be needed. For me it was the least intrusive/difficult part of the process so far. Mine was done over the phone and took about a half hour. I don't know if my situation is normal or not as far as that goes.
Read this site to gain valuable insight prior to his C&P exams. I wish I had. Make sure they properly document everything during that exam.
Best Wishes!


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Welcome to the PEB Forum! :)

Upon completion of the NARSUM by the MEB Physician(s), you will be permitted to review the document and any addenda regarding a medical condition that has been prepared for referral to the PEB.

After completion of the MEB, you will review the findings and recommendations, and have seven days to make your election (concur, non-concur or request independent provider review). If you disagree with the MEB or feel there is information missing or not adequately addressed, you may submit a rebuttal. Soldier's MEB Counsel (SMEBC) is available to assist you with any MEB rebuttals.

To that extent, I would suggest that you start collecting all documented objective evidence for attachment to the Independent Medical Review (IMR).

From my experiences, the IMR was a vital resource process and document to extend the amount of time to prepare for the MEB Soldier's Appeal. The IMR physician agreed with my position on a specific medical condition diagnosis; therefore, it was used as written evidence for the written MEB Soldier's Appeal.

With all that said, I would offer to never default from what you believe is potential military injustice while serving as an Active/Reserve Component member of the U.S. Military.

Moreover, stay the course and remain strong until successful completion of the results you are trying to achieve.

Thus, I quite often comment that "possessing well-informed knowledge is truly a powerful equalizer."

Best Wishes!
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