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So first off to give a little context to this issue. I am in the Navy and will have been serving for 6 years. I love my job very much and would love to continue my service except for the fact that I have come to my senses and found that my quality of life is above this job that I am easily replaced. Medical issues are I was found to have an aneurysmal bone cyst in the C2 of my spine during a routine check of my spine because I was being seen for a RT shoulder issue and was having numbing issues. An ABC is a benign cancerous cyst that eats the bone from the inside out. Approximately 75% of my C2 was gone and I had no idea this was happening. I wasn't in any pain or discomfort which are two of the primary complaints and findings with this kind of issue. After seeing many specialist and countless exams, it was concluded that I was too young for a fuse and that they could try a less evasive procedure with filling the bone space with a bone filler. Bone filler was completed (however only 25% of it took and filled the cavity) with no issues back in sept 2014. This is where my no pain turns into pain. Six months after the procedure I started to experience what felt like base of the neck headaches. I didn't think much of them and with some ibuprofen, it was gone. This issue turned into what I call my episodes where I would be overcome with so much pain I am rendered completely useless. The only relief is to lay on the floor in the fetal position and put my chin to my chest. I am a flight engineer and my job is not only mentally but physically demanding and being that I loved it so much I made the dumb decision to ignore my issues and push through. These episodes would come randomly and sometimes weeks if not a month a part and then about 4-5 months of this it turned into constant pain. All day, every day. I finally went to my PCM and after seeing several more specialist around the country it was concluded that after having an epidural, nerve numbing and a nerve ablation that none of that was helping if not making matters worse. It was concluded that a fuse was not ideal at the moment because there is no guarantee that it will even help the issue and it will cause me to lose 50-70% of the rotation of my neck which could make me never be able to legally drive again. I am now on six different types of medications, all at a crazy amount and I also deal with severe migraines that come with the pain. Thankfully between my doctors and I we've been able to control it to the point where I'm back to having episodes rather than being in constant pain but its still 2-3 times a week and with that also comes a number of other things that follow including massive migraines along with feeling like I have a hot poker being continuously stabbed into the base of my skull. So with that context, this is what has happened.

I am Navy serving on an Air force base. I originally was submitted to start the PEB process this month last year (June 2017). Basically time line went like this: End of June, referral submitted to Corpus Christi to inform them of my PEB submission. July, NARSUM and NMA completed, met with PEBLO. September meet with VA rep and have VA appointments set up. October packet is ready for submission and everything is reviewed and signed. Beginning of November, packet made it to Corpus Christi and they had this form that they sent back that had approved box crossed out and written on the top was not enough information, return to active duty. The kicker in is was that only half of my demographics were correct. So cue in the Navy disability lawyer getting involved. He fought for my case all the way up until this may (2018), until my doctor and him decided that I need to resubmit my case. This is what was found out during those 7 months of battle. Basically Corpus was making illegal PEB decisions and returning members back to active duty with a doctor at their facility signing us back to AD without sending the paperwork to our PCM. Of his cases he had 10 of us that he was dealing with a similar situation and he knows there must be more military members that are in this situation but don't know to get him involved in the process. Because of all of this, there has been a massive investigation that has gone on down there and there are several people that have been fired due to this unnecessary issue. I know I cannot serve anymore and I have come to terms with this but I would also like to move on with my life. I have been medically down for two years and have been dealing with this PEB process for one and I am in the process of resubmitting and just waiting on a phone call from my PEBLO to tell me that my packet is ready to be signed and reviewed.

I know there isn't a real question in all of this but I'm just looking for guidance and any information you can offer. Should I possibly try to contact my congressman?
My disability lawyer seems pretty positive that this time should be faster and it should actually make it to D.C but I am not holding my breath. I know my situation is unique and not of the norm. Hell half of the doctors I've seen are the best in the country and they were at a lost of what to do for me. I just want to move on with my life in what I can do. I cannot perform a full PRT and I miss about 2-3 days of work a week or at least work only half a day. Any advice or similar situations would help.

Thank you.


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I am confused why I did not go to D.C. I believe the PEBLO must submit straight to DC
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