C&P Ophthalmology Exams are back: Lasik/Dry Eye/ and Tearing


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Hello Everyone,
I've searched high and low for answers to these questions.

My C&P exam results were:
Diagnosis of: Dry Eye Syndrome, Arcus Senilis, and Pingueculla
When I wake up, I have a film over my eyes that can last as long as an hour. Even from naps.
My eyes will water and turn red for no reason (counterintuitively, tearing up is also a symptom of dry eye, according to the MD).
Lasik in 1998.

Is all of this directly related to Lasik and if so, will the VA rate this at 0%.? I cant believe all of it is related to the Lasik.
Any insight from the experts, your own experiences - much appreciated brothers and sisters. Thank you
PS Diagnosis of Arcus Senilis can apparently be the result of hyperlipidemia. Civilian Ophthalmologist recommended
a VA claim for that as well. Caught me way off guard. Any thoughts>?


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By using the search function of this site, most the the claims that have been submitted for diagnosis similar to yours are not rated by the VA (not service connected). Are you currently diagnosed with hyperlipidemia?

Typically hyperlipidemia is also not a ratable condition, unless it causes heart disease.
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