C&P Overlap: I was evaluated for the same condition by 2 different Examiners (so of the two, which C&P report will be considered valid)


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So I just wrapped up my C&P exams but something very fascinating happened. I was evaluated for migraine twice by both the General Medicine examiner (who is a general surgeon) and the TBI/Neuro examiner (who is a psychiatrist). The general medicine examiner should not have evaluated my migraine but he felt the need to do so (coz I had a series of elevated blood pressure measurement while he was evaluating me: 150/100, 160/114 and 170/120 ) even after I made him aware that I have a separate Neuro/TBI appointment for the migraine condition. So my question is, since I was evaluated for the migraine condition twice by two different examiners which C&P report will be considered valid for my migraine rating assuming their responses are different?

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