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Camp Casey MEB general questions


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Hi, first post here. Camp Casey also happens to be my first duty station. I got diagnosed with congenital spondylolysis with co-morbid grade 1 spondylolisthesis. The approximate timelime so far is as follows: arrived in Korea in March 2016 diagnosed in June 2016, received recommendation for WTU on 12th September 2016. I am currently on a temporary profile, which is expiring soon. I wouldn't mind too much were I to get extended, but I was wondering if anyone here knows when I should expect my permanent profile to get issued. I don't have much documentation other than my medical records which includes the doctor's notes recommending me to WTU, and the P3 I'm supposed to get would be a huge help. My PA pretty much flat out said I need not come in anymore since all he will be doing is putting the packet together and pushing it out. My company chain of command doesn't seem to be aware of the recommendation either. My DEROS is Feb 28, 2017, with orders to JBLM. Is there a chance I'll get PCS'd without anything actually getting processed? I would like to get some advice on how I should approach the whole situation and what I should expect. Thank you.