Can a chapter 18 turn into a MEB? Please help.

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So here's the deal, it's very complicated so bare with me...

My previous unit was very sketchy, they made me do height and weight while in acus and boots, and me being an oblivious private let them use that as my record weight, and ended up getting flagged. I got off the
ABCP the next month, fast forward a year I arrive at my new unit. Do height and weight and bust by a couple percent, the chapter process has been started, but the packet has not yet been sent to legal.

Right after they flagged me for the second time recently for height and weight, we went to a field problem and I was involved in a freak accident (don't want to get into details) where I almost lost my life. I was diagnosed with severe spine trauma, a herniated disk, and radiculopathy. I cannot feel one of my legs, or groin area at all and have really terrible back pain. Additional to this I've been diagnosed with PTSD from the incident and previously, fractured ribs, dislocated shoulder, a fractured ankle, severe kidney stones and abdominal tear while being in the army.

I know this was kind of all over the place, but I wanted to provide as much information as possible, but my main question is, can my PCM put me in for a MEB at this point? I'm not trying to seek a MEB in favor of the chapter 18 just because, but I legitimately am scared to death I'm not going to be able to find a job, because it's been extremely hard to even function day to day. No one is really giving me information or anything on what's going on, any help is greatly appreciated, thank you so much.


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You have posted this in three different sections of this forum. I replied to your first post. I'm going to lock this one so you do not get fragmented information.
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