Can CRSC change after TDRL re-evaluation?


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I tried searching for this answer but no luck. I was placed on TDRL back in 2017 after 17 years of service. I received 50% DOD for my condition (PTSD), 80% VA and received 60%CRSC. My 3 years of TDRL are up and have been contacted over the last few months by my PEBLO regarding my re-evaluation. Because of whats going on they were unable to schedule an appointment. I received a call this morning from my PEBLO stating that I will not longer need a re-eval and that my case will go directly to the board for a decision since " they have everything they need" that's what my PEBLO said. Not sure if this is good or bad? any advice? Also if my DOD rating gets reduced/increased does this also change my CRSC rating?? I need your help since I cannot find answers to my questions anywhere.

Thank you


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Hello @SFCO

The CRSC is not based on the DoD rating except that a person must be retired and waive retired pay dollar for dollar in the amount of VA comp. A DoD rating of 30% or more is required for a disability retirement.

--CRSC cannot be more than the amount of the waived retired pay (if retired pay is reduced, that reduces the amount waived)
--CRSC for medical retirees with less than 20 years is the LESSER of
a. The longevity portion of retired pay
b. The amount associated with the DoD approved percentage of CRSC for which the amounts are found in the VA compensation tables

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