Can I request an MEB prior to QRB separation date?


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Hello all,
I am new on here and could use some insight and help. I just hit 23 years of service this month. Packet was sent to EQRB last month. Got the call today that they didn't want me anymore. This is the first time I have went to the QRB and was surprised at their decision. I have had a L2 permanent profile for almost 2 years for severe bilateral pes planus and bilateral plantar fasciitis, but the history of it goes back to 2009. It is service connected (2010) and the VA has it rated at 50%. I have been having more and more problems with my feet, have tried everything the VA has thrown at me and still no relief. I just got a Temp Profile giving me an L3 in January at SRP and was in the process of pursuing a Permanent one for this. Is it still possible to request an MEB? I haven't received the official letter from the QRB, just a phone notification. Any help, regs, or advice would be greatly appreciated.
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