Can more people post their time line in fort hood.


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Seeing if more people can post their time line from start to finish(recent) in fort hood texas. Here's mine if it will help someone.

*August 9 started my meb
*August 11 met peblo
*August 13 IDES inbrief
*August 20 va claims
*August VA c&p exams:23, 27, 28, 29, and Sept 17 last va exam(claimed 25 things i believe) got screwed on a lot of things. I have 5 things wrong woth my lower back they rolled it into one thing they said. And they screwed me on insomnia as well and rolled it into anxiety problems. I have well documented back and sleep problems but they screwed me. I have never heard of this!!! Very dissapointed. But didn't rebuttle. Ready to move on more than anything
*Sept 27 NARSUM apt and meet with legal
*October 5 signed NARSUM
*October 9 unfit memo&forwarded packet to va for ratings... waiting on call from peblo with ratings and no later than date.
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