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Can someone answer a question for me, please...


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My son is at Ft. Jackson BCT. He has gotten very high marks in everything, except pushups. He is supposed to graduate in a few day, but I fear he didn't pass this part of the PT and will be assigned to FTU. I have decided to travel to graduation anyhow and hope for the best. So my question is, if he didn't pass the PT test and they sent him to that FTU , if he does the minimum required before graduation, will they let him graduate with his class? If not, will I be able to talk with him and/or see him? Any help would be great!


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If he is sent to another unit prior to graduation I am not sure if you will be able to see him. If he remains with the unit though, he can request to take an APFT at any time. I had issues with the run and was facing assignment to the FTU which, being so close to graduation, I would have still had family day but I would then be moved to the FTU on the day of graduation. In my case, I opted to take the APFT again once we left the field and to my surprise, I passed. 15:21 on my run but then again, my DS motivated me with a can of CS gas with the pin out. If I slowed down for anything, he would have tossed it. I imagine your son will probably have family day then be placed in the FTU. If you have fears about this you might be able to contact Ft. Jackson and speak with his 1SG to ask about that. He will be able to call you should anything change. Drill Sergeants are pretty decent on that as long as you aren't belligerent towards them. Hope everything goes well and that he is able to pass the pushups before graduation.