Cancer/ WTU/ BAH?


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-Ok, a quick run down on my situation. Today I was diagonsed with Cancer, I am Active Duty Army stationed at Fort Polk. I am currently on TDY to Fort Sam, San Antonio where they did the biopsy, along with other miscellaneous test and scans. I will need at least 6 months of chemo and radiation. As well as follow ups for the next 2 years.
- I am married with a child, my dependents live back home in Philadelphia where my wife has good job and my kid is implanted in a good familiar school system. I was in Korea for a year then they sent me to Fort Polk, shitty I know, but my family has never lived with me while I have been Active Duty. I currently am and have been living alone on Polk where they have this program they take half off my BAH and I get an apartment on base (which truly isnt a bad deal other then its Fort Polk) and a good portion of the rest of my money is sent back up to my family to best help while im physicaly not there.
- Was told today that they are going to submitt at WTU packet for me since my Dr's here on Fort Sam have refered that I get treatment at Walter Reed in D.C. so that I can be close to not only my wife and kid but also the rest of my family. Almost all my leadership at Polk have never dealt with a soldier who has been put into a WTU and or had cancer so needless to say I have a bunch of un answered question, regarding mostly finances.
- My dependents will remain in Philadelphia (which is 2.5 hrs from Walter Reed) but how will my BAH situation work? I do not want to live in barracks at all if I can aviod it and def not if it is going to stop my BAH, will I have any say in this??? Not getting my BAH would def put me in a finacial hardship to say the least as E4 pay really isn't shit. Is there something on my end that I need to do as far as making sure my orders say that I am allowed BAH??? Also would it be for where they are going to PCS me (yes im getting PCS'd) in DC or where my dependents live back in Philadelphia???
-Any other information on what I can expect being part of this WTU would be great. Up until today I actually never heard of it, and the only information I have obtained has been via the internet. Thanks in advance for any helpful information. Also will i go through a med board process at some point???


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WTU is typically barracks, unless your family lives within a reasonable commute distance. You would continue to receive BAH based upon where you family members reside.

Typically you will be on a TCS order, for 179 days at a time.

You will be given a meal card and will continue to receive BAS, if you may also be eligible for family separation pay.

Here are the regulations:
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