Cannon AFB Timeline


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Oct 16 - Full MEB rec
Feb 1 - Met with PEBLO
Feb 26-30 - C&P exams
March 5 - VA ebenefits said it was waiting for more docs
March 6 - Development letter sent.

Can anyone explain to me what that means? As of yesterday it had a deadline of April 15, now it's saying Sept 19. Once I finally got in touch with my PEBLO, the process started moving along. Is there anything I can do to move this along quicker, without shooting myself in the foot in regards to my claim? Any help is greatly appreciated.


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From what I’ve been reading, it’s all just a waiting process. My advice is to just continue to read these forums and seek any information these great ppl are offering and stay in contact with the Peblo office. Best wishes to you.

Jets dude

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Have you heard anything yet I just completed my C&P exams on march 8? I have the same thing written on my Ebenefits.


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Anybody know the EFMP restrictions going to Cannon AFB. I have orders there and my son has asthma and I hear that you can’t go there because of the air quality. Thanks in advance.
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