Can't apply for PDBR, missing MEB Determination


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Hi all,

First I apologize for the length, but I wanted to get as much info as possible so I could get effective and efficient guidance on where to go from here. I've searched the boards and found a wealth of information on here but nothing related to "lost MEB records". I'm hopeful someone will have insight on my situation.

Background -
9 years active duty Air Force (1992-2001)
separated from ADAF, directly into reserves Feb 2001 (Divorce pending, took contractor position)
40% service connected from VA following active duty separation in determined in Oct 2002
Notified the Wing Military Personnel Flight of the 40% service connected as instructed Nov 2002
Placed on "no-points/no-pay" status Mar 2003, MEB / PEB process started
one medical evaluation in Aug 2004, I never met a board, MEB was records only
Sep 2005 notified via phone of Med Separation @ 20%, effective 18 Aug 2005
Received lump sum severance in Nov 2005
My emotional and mental state relative to the military at this point was horrible. I was fed up and frustrated. I had a great career going, both active duty and reserve. I made SrA Below the Zone, Awarded Levitow out of ALS, several Airman & NCO of the Year awards, recommended for STEP all while active Duty. I had been selected to take over an E6 billet with my reserve unit, when the billet opened in Jan 2003. And now they just drop kicked me out. I never even asked for the VA evaluation, I was told while out processing from AD into Res. that I needed to complete the VA forms as part of TAP, I did those with the group while out-processing from AD. I didn't understand exactly what that would put into play, or I'd have never filed them.

Current situation
VA notified me via letter in Oct / Nov 2012 of PDBR and that I likely qualify for an evaluation
I didn't fill out or file immediately as I wasn't sure I wanted to get riled up and frustrated again.
I did eventually file as the more I thought about it the more it frustrated me that I would have been eligible to retire in 2012, I mailed the packet in Apr. 2014.
Inside the packet I submitted the PDBR Forms, requested paperwork, and all the associated documents I had available, as well as a narrative and time line of events.
Jun / Jul 2014, PDBR intake (contractor) contacted me for my copy of the MEB findings.
I informed them I was not in possession of the MEB finding. The intake POC stated that would slow things down but a PDBR could be accomplished based on my medical records and would only be evaluated on what the MEB should have found based on guidance from Congress when it created the PDBR process.
Contacted again by PDBR indicating there was no record of my having a Medical Separation. I informed them I provided the copy of my AF IMT 100 (Request and Authorization of Discharge), that indicated "...discharge with severance pay..." and they noted DFAS paid my separation.
I was informed by the PDBR since they and I did not have a copy of my MEB determination that I was not eligible for PDBR, Aug 2014.
I appealed this via letter to PDBR, basically told the same thing, Jan/Feb 2015
I contacted my senator they were told the same thing, NO MEB Record = NO PDBR, Nov/Dec 2015.​

I'm unsure how to locate a record that the VA, AF, and AF Reserves seem to have lost & I've never received. I've pulled every record I can from the VA records system. There is nothing in my records other than the AF IMT 100, and DFAS payment that shows my medical separation. Any input, suggestions, helpful hints, are appreciated.



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I am in the same situation as you. Did you ever find the MEB information needed or did they ever continue your PDBR?
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