ChampVA for 100% P&T help!!


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Posted this in 2 forums...sorry didnt know exactly...

I just got my 100% P&T!! Just an amazing feeling after a long hard fought battle with VA. I have posted 2 separate questions on the benefits of my new rating...any help is appreciated!!

Question on ChampVA is do I just use this for full medical coverage and a supplement insurance for my entire family? I have a wife and 4 trying to figure this out.

If I do use ChampVA, can we go to any doctor, or have to drive the hour to VA every time we need a doctor?

Right now I pay about $900 a month for insurance for my family, do we stop this immediately? Need some help, been looking into a few things on this for hours and hours and just can't seem to figure it out....
Any help appreciated!!


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This page explains the benefits.



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We have champ va. Most drs that take Tricare will take champ va. You give them the champ va card like a regular insurance card. There's a deductible you have to meet if it's your only insurance. But you can get supplemental insurance to cover most of that. You probably have to drop your regular insurance within 30 days of the date you found out about champ va or be stuck with it until the next open enrollment period. If it's your only insurance you have to do their meds by mail program for any prescriptions that they take all the time.


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Also if they get medical care at a va hospital or cboc I believe there is no cost, deductible applies for non VA medical care.
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