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So I just got submitted for a MEB and wanted to get some input on the chances I would be found fit for duty. For some background I have an autoimmune condition that attacks my peripheral nerves and is unpredictable when I will have episodes and how bad they would be. I have had this just over 4 years and haven't did the 1.5 mile run or push-ups for those 4 years on my PT test. I was just coded as nondeployable in July and I just started cellcept (immunosuppressant)long term (rest of my life) that will take me off my flying status unless they find me fit and approve me being on flying status with this drug. Even if they do approve me to take it I will still be undeployable because of both my condition and medication. If they don't approve me to be on flying status I would have to cross train and still be undeployable. It seemed like when my doctor told me this that he was forced to tell me there is a chance I could be found fit but very unlikely. Just wanted to get everyone's input if they think I would be found fit or unfit since I know the process takes forever.


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I take it your in the USAF based your note above. Looking in the resource section of this website and find the the MSD (you will not find it using google). Then google the AF Waiver Guide. If a waiver appears unlikely and the MSD says non-retainable you will likely be found unfit, which is my guess based on the limited data you have provides.
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