Chapter 14 and med board

I am facing chapter 14 for pattern of misconduct and completed the phase1, also my CC and BC is recommending for honorable discharge. However I’ve been on profile since march because of pain on my legs and i was just diagnoised with exertional compartment syndrome which I was recommended to go through the surgery and I’m wondering what will happen to my chapter. My packet is not completed and I was informed that process of chapter will be held off through my surgery/recovery period. Will there be a possibility that i will be medically discharged instead of facing the chapter? One of my battle buddy is suffering with the same illness and he has been through two surgeries which did not help so he is medically discharged after a year of process. Is this something i can fight for by hiring a lawayer for medical retirement as well?
To clarify, my misconduct has no connection to my medical condition.
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