Chronic kidney disease and ratings


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I have been recently diagnosed with membranous nephropathy stage 1 CKD due to dumping a ton of protein in my urine. I started immune suppression treatment which set off an MEB during the treatment it has lowered the amount of protein I’m wasting as well as eliminated other symptoms like my edema. My main question would be if they return back with a disability rating would it be based off my symptoms prior to treatment or after treatment knowing that the only reason it has improved was due to the medication?


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Stage 1 CKD may be found fitting. But the treatment could be found unfitting.

CKD is rates as follows:

It is important to take notice of the word "or" in the ratings. The C&P examiners should look at your records then and present condition. Due to the "or" the answers gets more complex without medical records.


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