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I was deployed to Iraq in 2011. I received my CIB there and its listed on my 214. However, recently I was wanting to gather the supporting documents for a retroactive award that would require 2 sworn statements. I know the CIB recommendation requires two sworn statements so I figured id try and obtain this group of records. I filed a FOIA request with all the major commands pertaining to my service as well as the major records depositories only to find that no PO or supporting documents can be located.

The question being, is there any way I can have the PO generated to support the CIB award after the fact. The award is documented elsewhere such as my LOD I received during this particular incident.


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Jimmy; a bit behind the powercurb for reply, but have you attempted to contact the unit you were assigned to; they would usually have the 638, which have the specific citation for the award.

Are you still in the military? If not, I would recommend completing the SF-180 for all your medical and military records.


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Hello 187th INF,

Re: Obtaining documents from the National Archives

Your recommendation is sound.

My experience:
I have every piece of paper and photograph from my Official Personnel File. I was in the Army 1966-1991 (22.75 yrs AD) . It appears that there are two reams or more of paper in the batch.
Within the collection is NOT one award recommendation. The awards are listed on the DA 2-1 and early DA Form 20, but no supporting info (i.e., the write up). Orders were also in the batch.
I think the award certificate/document itself has been changed since my era. All my awards have a narrative on the forms.

Like most soldiers I received a couple of awards along the way, but again, the recommendations are not in my file.

From a separate request, I even have the unit DA Form 1, Morning Report, for the day I arrived in Vietnam.



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This is related information. It appears DA Form 638 is not used for badges, including the CIB. See mention of DA 4187 below.

AR 600–8–22 • 25 June 2015

1–27. Announcement of awards
a. Decorations and the Army Good Conduct Medal.
(1) Awards made by the President, the Secretary of Defense, and the SECARMY will be announced in a Depart- ment of the Army General Orders (DAGOs).
(2) Awards of decorations and the AGCM will be announced in POs by the appropriate awards approval authority.
b. Service medals and service ribbons. Service medals and service ribbons are administratively awarded to individu- als who meet the qualifying criteria. Orders are not required (refer to para 5–1).
c. Badges. Permanent awards of badges, except Basic Marksmanship Qualification Badges, identification badges and the Physical Fitness Badge, will be announced in POs [published orders] by commanders authorized to make the award.

8–5. Recommendation and authority to award
a. Recommendations for awards of badges will be submitted by memorandum or DA Form 4187 through command channels to the commander authorized to make the award.

b. Badges may be approved and awarded in the field only by the commanders authorized to award the respective badge as specified in paragraphs below.
c. Issues pertaining to the award of badges to Active Army personnel that cannot be resolved by local commanders will be forwarded through command channels to Commander, U.S. Army Human Resources Command, Awards and Decorations Branch (AHRC–PDP–A), 1600 Spearhead Division Avenue, Fort Knox, KY 40122–5408.
d. The processing of orders for award, rescission, revocation, and reinstatement of Army badges and tabs can be found in paragraphs 1–30 and 1–31.

Section V
Process Award of Badges to Army Personnel
8–54. Rules for processing award of Army badges
a. There are no statutory or regulatory time limits pertaining to award of badges.
b. Criteria for the various types of badges are shown in the previous paragraphs.
c. Army badges may be granted posthumously to the primary next of kin, at Government expense, for the initial
award only (see para 1–47 for reissue and replacement instructions).
d. POs are not required for award of basic Marksmanship Qualification Badges. Badge approval may be announced
via memorandum, letter, roster, or other locally devised form.
e. The publication of orders is not required to announce approval of identification badges. However, the proponent
or approving agency may require the announcement to be published in a memorandum, letter, or certificate. Identifica- tion badges will be processed per directives issued by the badge proponent.
f. See paragraph 10–11 for information concerning badge certificates.
g. All other U.S. Army combat and special skill badges will be announced in POs [published orders]
h. Badge criteria and approval authority are shown with the respective badges in the previous paragraphs.

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