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I currently have a thumb injury which I received from PT that prevents me from being able to grip without an extremely sharp pain shooting down from the first and second joint of my thumb. I am also incapable of doing pushups due to this pain. When I initially received this injury, I thought that it would heal after a while, but after two months of no improvement, I decided to get this medically checked. I have an MRI scheduled soon which will help my providers make a diagnosis on my situation. I am worried because if this injury persists, I would be unable to do my designated job as a 68W (Comabt Medic), such as treating casualties or carrying litters. I am afraid of jeopardizing the health or even life of a casualty due to my injury.

If my injury were to further persist, my main questions were:
1) Would a Chapter 5-17 be possible for this condition?
2) If it were possible, is there any way I can refuse treatment for this injury? I would much rather prefer to get this injury treated at home with physical therapy and surgical intervention if needed. Though I have much respect for the Army medical system, I have heard plenty stories about results from surgery and treatment which ended up making the injury worse.
3) If a MEB were to be referred, do I have a right to refuse it?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Chapter 5-17 is not the correct course of action for the injury you are describing. If the injury persists for greater than 12 months, you will be submitted to a MEB, and possibly a PEB for the condition.

IMO you are looking to far ahead and catastrophizing the extent of your injury.
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