Command Directed Mental Health Eval- Found Fit For Duty...


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Hey all,

So, 100 P&T combat related, PTSD, TBI, Migranes. former active duty 11B B4. Current USAR. My symptoms have worsened to the point I can no longer even pretend 1 weekend a month 2 weeks a year. So I was going to leave.

Was on my way into the IRR but they snagged me on my PHA mental health. Took 9 months to get me into my command directed mental health eval. Just got results back from my commander today:

Fit for duty! HA!

I am not fit for anything. During the entire interview, I felt like i was speaking to a brick wall with this CPT intern at mental health. She also didnt know a thing about me. Asked her, "have you even looked at my medical records?"... to which she replied "no". What I found interesting, is that she said before I left that she was recommending me as "Unfit".

They also said in my report, that the VA was meeting my healthcare/mental health needs ect. I was kind of hoping for an MEB and a medical retirement, instead of just leaving. I think Im going to just go into the IRR or even just ETS.

Before I make any decisions, I have a couple of questions: Do I have any recourse to this finding? and could this exam have any adverse effects with the VA?

I feel like I was really hamfisted during this entire thing. Thanks for your help.
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