Concerns about potential MEB


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I was diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis in December after years of joint pain in my wrist, low back pain and now starting in my feet; nail pitting and separation, and scalp psoriasis. Rheumatologist put me on methotrexate in December and no improvement upon my follow up. I am now being started on Humira. My PCM and PEBLO office (I work in the clinic so I asked a bunch of questios already) told me that I was placed on the DAWG watch list for monitoring and once I am stable on meds the IRILO would be done. PEBLO shared experience that humira will most likely result in the IRILO coming back as Full MEB required. However, I dont have my next follow up until July so there's plenty of time for me to research and be prepared for the process.
My question is, if once I am stable (symptoms are managed and generally pain free I hope), how would I get a just rating at C&P exams? My thought is if I am symptom free I wouldn't have range of motion issues. And I dont want to bank on the process taking long enough that I'll have been on Humira for 12 months (I hear that generally gets you 60% automatically).
Just want to make sure I don't get hosed by the system and left out to dry. Not willing to stop meds for the sake of being in pain at an exam. Any advice is appreciated!


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Sorry to hear about your AI problems. I would first go to and become very familiar with the VASRD. Read up on how the Govt rates your conditions so you can get an idea of what to expect. Then search for the DBQs (Disability Benefits Questionnaires). These are the forms that your C&P examiner will fill out. Become familiar with the verbiage they use and if possible, have your treating physicians use the same terms/numbers in their notes. Calling a flare an "Exacerbation" seemed to work wonders for me. Its all about finding a way to best translate your issues onto paper. Might seem like a lot of work, but its worth it. Also, Id expect your MEB to take a bare minimum of 6 months. Considering they haven't even IRILO'd you yet while they wait for stability, I'd say there is a solid chance of having to wait substantially longer.

I did those things and wound up 80/80 DoD/VA. My 12+ months continuous Methotrexate use was a slam dunk for the Code 7806 60% that referred to in your OP.
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