could use some help what to expect with VA ratings


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for those of you who may not know, my husband was put up for a medboard a little over a year ago and was found FIT 2-3 times regardless of his medical documentation and statements from multiple medical professionals, commander, chief and co-workers. he was put up for a medboard due to daily migraines, which of course, he still struggles with horribly. they kept him in because he had less than two years left on his contract and is currently serving on a shore command. they deemed him non-deployable and said he will not be able to re-enlist or advance in rank before his contract is up......real crap situation, but isn't everyones?

now that he only has a year left - we are now looking at what we can expect VA rating wise.

he has daily migraines and has since his first deployment 8[ish] years ago [what he was sent to a medboard for]
severe hemmerhoids
anemia because the hemmerhoids are so severe [currently seeing a gastro for this and a colonoscopy and endoscopy next week]
high blood pressure that is not controlled with medications [on medicine, but has not helped his numbers]
emphysema that just popped up last week [he has had CAT scans before and this has never shown - non smoker]
dizzy spells from the anemia and emphysema
plantars fasciatis
sleep apnea with CPAP machine used nightly for the past 3 years
he goes to PT twice a week for his back and shoulder issues

it makes me sick to my stomach knowing my husband is just over 30 years old and has more health issues than my 68 year old father.

any idea on what we can expect VA rating wise?


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VA Ratings.

Reference: 38 CFR Book C, Schedule for Rating Disabilities

The schedule for ratings (including the various percentages/degrees of disability) is available at
THIS LINK <------ The sections are in Word and can be downloaded.

Cornell Law provides a HTML version of
38 CFR Subpart B - Disability Ratings at this LINK <---

As you probably know, the degree of disability determines the percentage assigned (i.e., there are multiple possibilities for each section).

Good luck,

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