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Hello @NJOnguard

You said earlier:

I am a national guardsmen E8 on my third year being on active duty title 10 orders, 29 years ARNG M day total 15 years active duty time after calculations, with points 5300 points. I am fully eligible to draw my pension for retirement with age reduction years and being medically retired, no CRDC

Retirement orders reads as follows:
Retirement type and allotment code: PERM DISABILITY/12
Component: ARNGUS
Statute authorizing retirement: 1201
Other eligible laws: 1372
Disability retirement: 11 years, 10 months, 11 days
Section 1405: 15 years, 6 months, 12 days
Basic Pay: 29 years, 2 months, 9 days
Total active federal commissioned service date: None
Date initially entered military: 21 May 1991
Completed over 4 years of active service as Enl or WO: Yes[/QUOTE]
hope that’s enough information needed .

You also mentioned on Monday:
"Ron, would that same calculation work for CRDP and if possible can you calculate my retirement I have a 20 year letter,VA 100% $3500 hi 3‘s $6264 DOD 60%. I’m missing something in my calculation I’m not sure what it is And no one in finance wants to see anybody these days, please help.


1. Comments: You did not mention your precise active duty equivalent. That info should be available to you through you unit. You said, "total 15 years active duty time..." so I will use that amount of time. If 15 years is not accurate, please notify me via a comment that is similar to: "My active duty equivalent is 20 years and 6 months." [example]. I infer that you have already met the age requirement although that is unclear in your remarks. If you have not met the age requirement please advise.

2. 6264 high three x 60% DoD disability percentage = 3758.40 retired pay
3. 3758.40 - 3500 amount of VA comp = 258.40 residual retired pay
4. 15 years AD equivalent x 2.5% = 37.5% longevity multiplier
5. 6264 x 37.5% = 2349 longevity portion of retired pay
6. 2349 - 258.40 residual = 2090.60 CRDP
7. If you have met the age requirement, DFAS will pay you now:
258.40 residual retired pay plus 2090.60 CRDP= 2349 each month assuming you have met the age requirement

I will be happy to re-compute this estimate if you have a precise active duty equivalent figure. Not needed: A collection of various info.

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