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In my case I know when I look at my LES my DOD PDRL pay is higher than my VA amount (CPT rated @ 75% <20). LES shows my DOD amount, then a deduction for "VA waiver", and then shows the small residual amount the DOD pays. First of the month I get a deposit from both DOD and from VA.

Right now the DOD is deducting the VA amount from DOD pay because I don't qualify for CRDP/CRSC (also illness). If I'm understanding it correctly with CRDP the DOD would "refund" the VA amount currently deducted from my retired pay; but only up to the amount of my LOS calculation (not the much higher 75% times H3).

I think we've established that's not the case at all, but I'd be interested to see how a hypothetical CRDP would work just so I understand it better. FWIW Ch. 61, PDRL, <20 yrs, non-combat.


1. 4106 gross pay from 75% PDRL, 4106/0.75 = 5474.66 high three
2. 5474.66 x 50% (20 years AD) = 2737 longevity retirement IF one has 20 yrs AD
3. If one had 10 years AD, then (10 x 2.5%) x (5474.66) = 1368.67 longevity retirement at 10 yrs
4. Assuming the retiree has VA comp at =>50% the maximum CRDP would be the longevity portion or retirement. Note. The 10 year retirement does not currently qualify for CRDP.

The amount of residual/left over retirement pay from the VA offset PLUS CRDP cannot exceed the dollar amount of retired pay.

A question was asked, "Am I guaranteed this forever." Answer: No. Your PDRL amount will likely remain the same, but VA compensation rates/awards can go up or down depending on the circumstances. Mine has changed on at least five occasions.
One decrease to temporary award; four increases. CRSC is directly associated with CRSC. CRSC replaces some or all of the waived retired pay due to VA offset CRDP is less likely to change, at least the gross retired pay from DFAS.

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