Crsc calculations


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I’m trying to figure out crsc pay
Dod rating 50% $ 1297
Va rating 70% $1798
Retirement code tdlr8
Combat related yes
Format 688
Any knowledge will help


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If you want an estimate of your CRSC entitlement...

The information associated with all of the six numbered items below is needed. Incomplete answers will preclude an accurate estimate. Each numbered item below is a factor in the CRSC calculation.

1. High three base pay average for retirement or your current DoD disability retirement gross found on page one of the DFAS RAS. Please indicate whether you are providing the high three average or the retirement gross found on the DFAS RAS. The high-36 method is the average of the highest 36 months of basic pay divided by 36. This is generally the last 3 years of service and is sometimes called high-3. EXAMPLE: High three average $3333 (or alternative: Gross Retired Pay on DFAS RAS $xxxx.xx) The gross retired pay from your DFAS RAS is preferred since it presents a gross high three that include any COLA increases.

2. DoD disability retirement percentage. EXAMPLE: 50% DoD

3. Years and months of active duty EXAMPLE: 11 years and 3 months
Note: The creditable years of service (active duty equivalent) for a reserve calculation is determined by the sum of accumulated reserve points divided by 360.

4. VA compensation:
-- percentage
--identify dependents by category and number EXAMPLE: 60% VA Compensation, $1600, Spouse and 6 children under 18
---Any SMCs awarded and amount(s)

5. Approved or expected combat related disability percentage (application was required). EXAMPLE: 70% CRSC

6. Do you qualify for another type retirement besides CH 61 disability? Example: Yes, REDUX

Note: All the info listed above is necessary Often, the reply omits much of the needed info, precluding an accurate computation.

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