CRSC Estimate Request, 26 June 2019


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A recent request.

Information provided 26 June 2019:
A. 40% dod and 100% va.
B. Va is $3715 a month. (4kids/ married)
C. I have 20y 5m of total service and 18y 9m of active duty when I am Med retired. That puts my longevity pay around 47%.
To clarify, I will be able to receive my VA $3715 and CRSR up to 47% of my high 3 base pay. Correct?

Earlier info (6 mo ago):

Base pay $6000 (this is assumed to be the high three amount)
18y 8m active duty
21y 5m total service
100% VA
Married with 4 children
30% DOD
I have:
10 Years of active duty (98-08)
10y 8m of Reserve service (08-present)
Total Service 20y9m (as of Dec 1)
Total Active 18y

Computation 26 June 2019, using combination of data from both sources:

  1. Your retired pay: High 3 average base pay, assumed to be 6000 x 46.88% = 2812.80 which is totally reduced by amount of VA compensation received (3715).
  2. 18.75 yrs AD x 2.5% = 46.88% longevity multiplier (this is accurate only if the number of active duty years is 18 years 9 months--as provided)
  3. High three average base pay (assumed) 6000 x 0.4688 = 2812.80 dollar amount of longevity portion of retired pay (this is accurate only if the 6000 amount provided is the precise average high three)
  4. You will receive the lesser of
--dollar amount of longevity portion of retired pay, 2812.80


--Approved CRSC percentage (amount found in VA comp tables) Example: 100% CRSC approved, with spouse and 1 chlld under 18 = $3,352.41.

5. In this veteran's case (and others), there are three ceilings:
A. CRSC cannot be more than actual amount waived/offset (he waived 2812.80)
B. CRSC cannot be more than the DoD percentage approved for CRSC and the associated amount in the VA compensation tables.
C. CRSC cannot be more than the dollar amount of the longevity portion of retired pay. (2812.80)

Note: The rate/percentage approved by his service is unknown...never provided.

At this point, with an unknown CRSC percentage approved and a couple of assumptions the following will be paid:
-- 2812.80 CRSC
-- 3715 VA


Edited to add:
--If the 6000 used in the computation is not the average high three, that causes portions of the computation above to be inaccurate. "High Three" = Average of highest 36 months of basic pay
--Active duty or Active duty Equivalent: The creditable years of service for a reserve retirement calculation are
Total number of Creditable Retirement Points, divided by 360.
The formula computes the number of equivalent years of service the soldier has completed (comparable to full-time service). For example, 3,600 points equals 10 years.
It is my understanding that the retirement orders show the active duty equivalent at the bottom portion of the orders.
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