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CRSC for deployed but non-combat related issue?


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I'm an active duty AF pilot with approximately 11 years of service. On a recent non-flying deployment, I had several Grand-mal seizures which inevitably resulted in an epilepsy diagnosis and recommendation for MEB. I am told by the flight surgeon that it's pretty cut and dry that I will be medically retired and likely with 100% disability since I can never fly an airplane again with epilepsy. To date I have had 6 seizures but they are now being controlled by medication.

My question is, would I be eligible for CRSC or any other disability pay on top of the DoD medical retirement pay since this disability developed while I was deployed to a combat zone? Or does CRSC only apply if the disability was a direct result of combat? My deployment was to a combat zone, however, I was not directly engaged in combat.


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Per DFAS web site

Disabilities that may be considered combat related include injuries incurred as a direct result of:

  • Armed Conflict
  • Hazardous Duty
  • An Instrumentality of War
  • Simulated War


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Good info above.

The following link is to a collection of CRSC information, including examples of what MIGHT qualify for CRSC: CRSC Collection LINK <---