CRSC help 114 days into audit


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I’m currently 114 days into my audit. CRSC timeline is as follows:
1. Approved for CRSC in June
2. First CRSC payment AUg 1st
3. Pending retro back pay

I’m on my 114 Th day of hurting up and waiting I called yesterday and they said it was in review stage #2 since Oct 30th. Does anyone know that this means or have had a similitude issue? Comment please this is stressing me out.


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If I remember correctly, your case involves a board of corrections/appeal decision. Those type cases typically take longer for receipt of the amounts due.

Each case is different and the number of cases being processed at a particular time is likely fluid.

I have a colleague whose back pay from DFAS was received six months after the approval by a board. That is just one case.

"Stage 2" does sound like the processing is nearing the end. Just my opinion.

Good luck,
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