CRSC is seriously confusing? Are Guard members eligible for this? BEFORE retirement age?

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Looking for CRDP and or CRSC guidance and clarification. I am an Iraq OIF 2 Vet, NJ National Guardsman, 100% rated "SERVICE - CONNECTED' for PTSD. I have held a 50% and greater rating since 2008 that has been increased from there to 70% in 2010 then 100% in 1014, then P&T in feb of 2017.

I have 22 years of GOOD years with the NJ National Guard (a 20 year letter with my points from DMAVA) along with all of my rating letters from the VA 50% ltr in 08, 70% ltr in 10 100% ltr in 14 and P&T ltr in 2017.

I am NOT of RETIREMENT AGE! I am only 50 years old. Am I entitled to CRDP and or CRSC?? Or retro retirement IAW either one of these laws? I have phoned DFAS and got stuck on DFAS HOLD for an hour and a half. got no where.

Again, OIF 2 Vet. 100% VA Rated COMBAT Related for PTSD. Over all Rating in over 200 (9) surgeries since home. Just have my back fused. Have NO problem with VA rating being Combat Related correspondence proof. Got that! I am only 50 years old.

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