CRSC: Should I even try?


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Hello All, I would like to thank everyone here either for their service or support. I was medically retired from the Army back in November. I was recently informed of CRSC by a fellow medically retired veteran and he said I should try to apply. So here is what I have to work with.

-PTSD Diagnosis from multiple mortar blasts in the IZ and Afghanistan along with a mortar landing just a few feet away from me but not exploding and removing lifeless bodies from an APC. All of this is documented medically
-Combat Action badge for being Actively Engaged by an enemy combatant. I possess the orders with narrative
-DA Form 199 with V1 and V3 designation
-70% VA Rating for PTSD (80% overall for other conditions)
-70% on the Army side from the MEB along with the findings saying I am permanently disabled.
-VA offset on my retirement pay

Here are two issues I have that I think will cause problems:

1. My VA Combat code is a 1 which contradicts everything I have built up from the military side. Even though, PTSD is the first compensation listed below the Legacy Codes box. My PTSD is listed as [PTSD - Combat/Combat Medal] as I provided my CAB orders to the VA before getting my initial rating some years back.

Block 13, letter j. Describing the events. It wasn't just one event although the mortar landing next to me but not exploding is what the CAB is built upon. So maybe I should just write about that?

So here we are. Do I even qualify for CRSC? Do I stand a good chance of getting it? I don't want to go through the process of applying if I don't even qualify.
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