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currently in pre rasp, flat feet are causing a lot of problems


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First, hello everyone! Im new here, looking for some help. I havent been in very long, only about months :/ I went through both Infantry osut and airborne school and am now in pre rasp. It all started in basic. As early as week 3 I started having problems. I went to sick call for horrible shin spilints. I ended up getting up bone scans for stress fractures, came back negative, and they gave me some calcium and ibueprofen. They were 800 mg pills so they helped the pain, but also probably helped make it worse. Im flat footed and I overpronate quite a bit. Meps has me down as severe ples planus. I told them at sick call I was really flat footed so they sent me to the hospital to get arch support. Those didnt help at all. Not one to complain, I pushed on and didnt go back to sick call. I then aggravated my back. Ive had pains in my lower back for a long time, but of course the training didnt help. Its definitely not as bad as some but its definitely noticable. By the end osut I was a mess. My feet constantly hurt and burn if I stand longer then about 20 mins, my knee began locking up by the end of osut and they also begin to hurt and ache when standing, my back always is uncomfortable mainly after pt and my shins are horrible. Honestly I dont know how I

Airborne was another monster, that was a painful experience lol. Running everywhere didnt help things and by the end of long runs I would be walking with a noticable limp. my legs would hurt really bad and they would be shaking by the end. The jumps of course took a toll.
Forwarding to where I am now, I recently went to sick call finally. my shins would hurt after just jogging a few steps! my ankles hurt to especially in the back of my achilles. I went and they told me I was pretty messed up. I have lower back pain, shin splints and ITBS. Thats all they put for me. He also told me to buy new motion control shoes, which I did. Unfortunately, no relief :/. Im on a 7 day profile and I go back tuesday. Honestly, Im a mess. A big one at that unfortunately :/. Im in a whole lot of pain all the time especially after pt. Ive always wanted to do this, but honestly I dont think I can be fit for this. Its very physically demanding and its already catching up with me after only 5 months! Ive thought long and hard about this and I just think I either need a reclass or a med board. I just dont think I can keep up.

Altogether, I have chronic mechanical back pain, flat feet and overpronate, knee and ankle pains and chronic severe shin splints. Standing for lengthy periods cause my feet to ache real bad and burn, my knees begin hurting as does my lower back and ankles. After pt is the worst on me, especially rucks/long runs.

What can/should I do? :/ Like I said ive thought about this and iys not something I want to give up but if I keep on im going to just hurt myself more and I wont be worth anything in an infantry unit. How can I start the meb process or get recomended for it? If possible can I reclass? I really appreciate any and all help. Thanks everyone!


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You need to go see an orthopedic surgeon. Ask your PCM to schedule X-rays and an MRI on your back. Better to catch it now than ending up with bladder issues/bowel issues or even paralysis.

When you get your findings and if they find damage, bring your job description (required duties and strength requirements) including PT requirements and ask if you should have restrictions put on your profile. If they find you unfit to do your duties, your PCM should refer you to a MEB. If you want to stay in, when your CC types up her letter for the board, have them request retention and reclassification if you are found unfit for duty in your current MOS. If they find you unfit at the MEB, then they will refer you to the PEB and they will make a decision on whether to keep you (reclassify) or medically retire you.

If you get sent to a MEB, I strongly recommend you dig into the regs and this site to find out about all the BS you will have to put up with. It will be a tough journey.

Good Luck!